Wish you were here – Y11 go wild in Norfolk

Finally after all the weeks of build up to the field trip we have arrived in sunny Norfolk. As I write this Y11 are currently sitting in a lecture working very hard, yes can you believe it’s 7.15 and they are still working. What dedication.

Some classic quotes from today were “oh no is that mud”, “I can’t sleep next to a grave yard”, “oh look are those pigs?” I won’t name the people, most of these were on our walk up to the top of the highest point in Norfolk. No we were not scaling the heights of Everest just a 90m hill (smaller than Crooms hill)

As promised here are some pictures from today

The start of our epic journey

Look at the anticipation on the faces of the students they just can’t wait to learn about coastal erosion.

Colin our guide

This is Colin our driver and guide, a wealth of information about Norfolk and livestock.

making friends at the service station

The girls stopped off at the service station and informed the staff that a very large tiger had escaped and taken two girls hostage.

wow is this it

Yes finally here and its a mansion. Some had packed rather large suitcases or was it their parents trying to get them to stay for longer?

Fantastic bunk beds

And now to the rooms, who is sharing with who and who has the best room was the main topic of conversation

At last we get to wear our wellies

St ursula’s did us proud, more wellies per school than any other. Now we are ready to go for our walk up the highest hill in Norfolk as the sun sets.

Girls in the hood, I mean girls in the field

Some Girls in the hood, I mean girls in the field. Trying to teach the staff to talk street. No No No proper queens English please. Yes it was dark and there was a mention of the Blair Witch of Norfolk (Barry a man who owns the garage)


St Ursula’s girls with many second helpings.

so you think you can play pool

Trang the pool queen gives lessons to the rest before lectures. No money has passed hands YET!

Learning is fun

Look it is 7:30pm and we just love learning at this time of night. I just love coastal erosion its so much fun.

no its my turn

Look girls so eager to learn that they were fighting to get to the board.

A long day and still we have not finished, how to use a ranging pole next and then some pebble analysis before bed.

See you tomorrow if we survive


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