Wet, Wet, Wet (no not an 80’s pop group)

Today Y11 are continuing on their adventures in Norfolk. The weather this morning was quite wet. In fact torrential. Thank goodness they were all prepared with suitable wellies, not only practical but fashionable. Here is a taster of what we have been up to today.

Two matching geography teachers

Ms Richards and Ms Mort seem to be matching. This was at our first beach a place called Cley. Very bleak but some little eagrets were spotted by Ms Richards (bird watcher extrodinaire).

considering whether to go swimming

Ms Wallis and Ms Mort just before they went for a swim. They said it was just lovely and rather warm for this time of year.

Guess who's using the gun clinometer

A hands on field shot of a girl working with the gun clinometer. She was a little trigger happy but can you guess who she is?

group shot in Sheringham

After being fed and watered (Candy floss, rock and coke whilst playing in the amusement arcade) the group return to work, they just love learning about those coasts can you see them waving with pleasure at the thought of measuring another beach profile.

all fall down

We had many casualties on this beach, not many stayed on two legs as you can see some decided to descend on their bums, only pride was hurt though.

Breaking the waves

Lots of fun to be had catching the waves. Most of these ended up looking decidedly soggy when a big wave splashed up over them. A lot of squealing, we thought wild boars had returned to Norfolk.

wandering home

Wandering home in time for tea, some needed the help of the ranging poles, in fact some are so attached to their ranging poles it has proved hard to remove them from their grasp.

As I write all students are tasting the delicacies of the dining room before we enter the computer rooms to write up our coursework and produce some rather fetching beach profiles.

Tomorrow Cromer, the locals won’t know what has hit them.


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