Y11 How to structure your coursework

The following explains what you must include in your coursework and how you must structure your report.  Remember this is your own work and you must show evidence to back up your arguments.


“Is longshore drift responsible for coastal erosion on the North Norfolk Coast?”


 You will have to come up with your own and prove or disprove the hypothesis and don’t forget to answer the question at the end of the study.

Location of Study

Here you must first of all set the scene, describe the location of the sites and North Norfolk in relation to the rest of the country.  You must include maps showing each site visited.  You could do this by downloading a base map from the school intranet shared area or using live local to annotate your map with push pins and then print it out and import it into your document.

Background to Norfolk Coast

Here you need to explain how the coastline formed and what it is made of in terms of its geology.  Don’t forget to include diagrams and link them to your text (It is no good putting in diagrams and then not mentioning them in the text) You need to mention rates of erosion and compare them with other rates around the country.

Possible processes that could operate on the Sites visited

Here you need to go through the possible processes that could cause coastal erosion (remember you are trying to prove or disprove your hypothesis so you need to analyse all the possible influences on the coast) Mention S.U.S.T, Geology, L.S.D, Anthropogenic (people and how they manage the coast) the sea and sub aerial processes.


Here you explain what techniques you will use in order to prove or disprove the hypothesis.  You need to explain how you measure beach profiles and why you need to measure them, also groyne and LSD measurements, Coastal EQI to show human intervention.  Do not explain your results here it is just setting out why you did what you did and how you did what you did.


For each site you need to do the same thing.

The sites were as follows

  • Cley
  • Sheringham
  • West Runton
  • Cromer
  • Overstrand (Clifton Way)

This is not the order we did the study in but it is geographically a better order.

You need to be able to show what the most important processes are at each site.  So you need to show beach profiles, diagrams, annotated photos, groyne measurements, EQI, LSD experiments.  You need to explain what is happening and how humans have influenced the coast (e.g. explain any management techniques) Don’t forget to link your graphs and diagrams to your analysis


Here you need to again go through each site and explain your results, in the previous section you were just showing your results and analysing them now you have to make a statement about the type of process operating on the coast line is it LSD? You need to state your findings.

At the end of concluding on each site you need to give an overall answer to your question.  IS LONGSHORE DRIFT RESPONSIBLE FOR COASTAL EROSION ON THE NORTH NORFOLK COAST?  (You are bringing together all your conclusion for each site)


Here you must write about limitations to your study (i.e. what difficulties did you face, and the errors in your measurementsand data presentation?)  What could you include in your data collection to improve your study, do you think you would do it differently next time? What was successful?

Here are some links to help you but remember you can not cut and paste anything as this is plagiarism

North Norfolk Coastal Protection site

Deatailed Information about each site

DEADLINE Hand in Tuesday 9th January 2007 at 8:45am – 9.00am to  Mrs Scanlan and Ms Richards


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