Y8 Isle of Lewis Wind Farm Plans

Wind Turbine

A company that plans to build the worlds largest wind farm has resubmitted its plans. The reworked proposal has reduced the number of turbines from 234 to 181. There have been over 4000 objections to the proposals to build the worlds largest onshore wind farm which is to be located on the Isle of Lewis. The new proposal is hoped to reduce environmental concerns people have about the scheme.


location of turbines

The main objections to this proposal were from the RSPB.

The RSPB were today still very concerned about the risk of birds being killed by flying directly into the turbines. The wind farm is set to be located in a Specially Protected Area designated under European Law for its importance to wildlife. Many birds use the Peat Land habitat and Golden Eagles are known to fly in this area. The road and developments associated with this farm would result in more environmental damage being caused.

There are however positives to the wind farm as the residents of Lewis would gain a 15% stake in the wind farm and as employment is at a low on the  Island this would be welcomed by some residents. Lewis Wind Power predicts that some 400 jobs would be created during the manufacturing phase, with more once the wind farm is operaional.

Find out more about the proposed scheme and the different interest groups views by visiting

Lewis Wind Power – The company responsible for the proposal

Royal Society for Protection of Birds (RSPB) – To find out their views about the farm

BBC News article – about the effects a Norwegian Wind Farm has had on Eagle populations.

Interactive map of UK wind farms – Find out where other wind farms are located

Yes To Wind – a pro wind farm campaign

British Wind Association – another Pro wind farm site

National Wind Watch – an anti wind farm site

Country Guardian – another anti wind farm site

What do you think? What are the arguments? Should we build more wind farms or not? We will be studying this issue in year 8 next term.


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