The Hydrological Cycle

Rivers begin in upland areas and flow downhill, becoming wider and deeper, until they enter the sea. Where a river begins is called the source and where it ends is called the mouth. Along a rivers journey to the sea other smaller rivers called tribuataries may join the main river at a confluence. A river and its tributaries obtain their water from the surrounding land. The area drained by a river and its tributaries is called the drainage basin. The boundary of the drainage basin is called the watershed and it is usually a ridge of high land. A drainage basin is part of the hydrological cycle in which water is recycled between the sea, air and land. Don’t forget to revise your pop up diagrams and make sure you understand what the different terms mean. If unsure then look up the vocab.

This weeks homework is to make sure you have put the pictures from the Evian Ad into the correct order and explained how they fit into the water cycle. You can watch the Evian Ad again by clicking the picture.

Click below to listen to the water cycle song again. This one is for Sarah C you know you just love this song.


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