Y7 Where the Hell is Matt?

Watch the video below and then find all the places from the worksheet and locate them using Google Earth.  You will need to put map pins into and write a description of the place Matt visited.  Watch the video carefully to describe the places.  If you have any other knowledge of any of these places then include this in your description also. 

When all the places have been located using the map pins then draw on the route and measure the distance that Matt travelled.  Remember the order on the worksheet and the video is not necessarily the order he visited the sites so think about a logical route that would be the quickest and cost the least amount of money.

 Click here to download the worksheet to go with this lesson.

  Click here to download the google earth files showing Matt’s journey.  It should ask you to open it or save it.  Just save it to your computer and then open it.  If you have google earth installed it should open automatically.

This has been adapted from an idea that was originally from Richard Allaway’s brilliant site geography all the way.  Thanks Richard (See blogroll)


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