Y9 Earthquakes in Japan

This shows the force of an earthquake in Kobe.  This was 7.3 on the Richter scale.  It has been slowed down so you can see it in more detail and the same clip has been shown a few times from different angles.

Above is the power point giving you some info on the Kobe earthquake and the concept map that we used in school along with the diagram of the effects.  If you didn’t complete the concept map explanation make sure you do this.

This weeks homework is to write your own earthquake preparedness leaflet which would be sent to homes in Japan (Obviously for our purposes it will be written in English).

You must include the following

  • What to do in preperation for a possible earthquake (Make sure you have an earthquake kit and explain what must be in it)
  • What to do during an earthquake
  • What to do after an earthquake

Don’t forget to include lots of information but in a way that people will want to read.  You should use images and think about making it acessible for people who have difficulty reading english as you have to make sure everyone understands what to do.

Here are some web sites to get you going

Fema  – Fema stands for the Federal Emergency Mangement Agency and is an American agency set up to deal with disasters.  This site  gives you all the advice you could possibly want.

American Red Cross – earthquake preparedness

There are many more but most of them give the same advice.

After your homework you may want to have a go at this game.

This is from the ISDR (International Strategy for Disaster Reduction) and has many disaster simulations for you to try.  For now just start with the earthquake disaster and see how well you get on with managing your population.  This game will help you to think what governments might do during an earthquake and some of the decisions they have to make. Click on the image to go to the site and wait for the earthquake scenario to come up.


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