Y8 Favela Marcos

This month we are starting our year 8 project Favela Marcos Must Go. You can find all the video’s used in class and worksheets available for download here. Remember this is a levelled piece of work which is teacher and self assessed.

Here is a picture of what one of the houses looks like that you can buy in Google Earth.  If you want you can put your houses into google using sketch up and plan your site in 3D if you wish. 

  This will open up an example of the types of houses you can build in google earth you can fly around it and have a look inside.  If anyone wants to I can give you a copy of this building file and you can plan your whole settlement using sketch up.  See me for more details of how to do this.

Example of a new house

Download all the documents here (950kb)

Here are some video’s to explain further the different aspects of the report

Video 1: This reminds you why you had to leave the Caatinga in the first place and move to the city.

Video 2: This shows you what a housing plot looks like and what you can and can’t do with it, it also shows you what you get for your money

Video 3: This shows the type of basic amenities you can buy such as water, electricity and sanitation. This clip also goes through how you work out your total costs and also information about roads and street lights. Video 4: Explains about the large 1000 unit schemes. You must make sure you chose only one scheme, this gives you more information about each one.

Here are some links to inspire you.

In Caracas in Venezuela shanty towns are known as Barrio’s this BBC photo story shows how the residents in this place have improved their Barrio, many of the ideas from this place could be implemented into your development proposal.

Click here to go on a tour of a favela

Read about how violence is on the increase in Sao Paulo’s Heliopolis favela

Google Earth Files to Download

click on this icon to download a set of map tacks and information to show the places you have lived.


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