The big garden bird watch 08


 The RSPB are holding a big garden bird watch this weekend for the whole country.  All you have to do is spend one hour recording how many birds you see of each species.  You can download the official counting sheet here

counting sheet this is a pdf file

I know there are a few birders out there so get twitching.

Here is a warm up for you can you identify these birds native to UK

This bird is famous for its aerial displays in large flocks. It is a common visitor to British Gardens.

This is a very common bird to be found in a garden.  This is the male of the species, the females are brown.  It has one of the loveliest of all bird songs and likes fruit such as grapes.

This small bird and has a distinctive black cap and grey back.  This bird often visits peanut feeders.

This is the second most common breeding bird in the UK.  It is usually heard before it is seen and can be found mostly under bird feeders.

 Good luck and leave a comment to let me know how you got on with your bird count.


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