Ms Richards New Pet OWL

Yes I have a new pet OWL.  Not quite as feathery as you would imagine but it’s very smart.

This has found its way to my household via a trail from Project Genie which is a project set up to produce educational materials, resources, information and support for children, teachers, parents and carers, to explore the implications of climate change and what everyone can do to minimise the harmful effects.

Project Genie lent us this little gadget to trial and shows how much electricity my household uses at any one time and calculates the cost in pence per hour as shown below or in greenhouse gasses.  This has been quite usefull as I can work out how much pocket money to stop for wasted energy usage! (Lights left on in bedrooms!). 

It has made all of us think how much energy we are using.  The second image shows the read out when I switched on the kettle.  A good way to cut down on the boil time is to only boil the amount of water you need, not a full kettle.   I have also noticed a difference with different types of lights on.  Most of my house runs on energy efficient light bulbs but in the kitchen there are some halogen bulbs which use a lot more energy.  You can see the OWL read out with the halogen bulbs on below.  We will definatley  be looking into replacing them.  We have also taken to switching off all appliances that are on standby at the wall and again this has made quite a bit of difference.

This shows the amount of pence spent per hour with the lights on in the kitchen before the Kettle is switched on.

This shows how many pence per hour when the kettle is switched on.

This was the value with the halogen lights on.

This is the value when we switched them on a normal set of lights would be below 1p

Below shows the electricity reading with the TV and video on standby

You can see it is around 1.3pence per hour.  Below shows the reading when it is switched off.

When we switched off the appliances at the plug the value went down to 0.9p per hour. 

Apparently cutting your base energy usage by 1p per hour will save around £85 per year.  The Owl even shows your greenhouse gas emissions, optimum temperature and humidity also.

We were lent ours but they can be bought on the highstreet in shops such as Peter Jones and John Lewis or just search for them online.  (They should sell for around £30)


The wireless display unit is fed via a simple to fit transmitter which   clips around your electricity supply.  You set up The Owl by telling it how much your electricity supplier charges per kilowatt hour from your most recent bill.

You can buy your OWL from






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