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Y11 Wilkins Ice Sheet Collapse in Antarctica

This week scientists reported on the collapse of part of the Wilkins Ice sheet in the Antarctic.  The people at Ogle Earth have come up with some overlays that can be opened in Google earth showing the disintegration.  Click on the icon below to open up the overlays.


This is a news cast on the event and the implications

A guardian article here with a good video

Y11 Global Warming Revison

Here is a little taster from todays revision

Y11 GCSE Revision Urbanisation in LEDCs

Here is another examination question analysis for you to go through.  I know this is what we did for revision this evening but I have added a few extra slides.  We will look at MEDC’s Next lesson for revision.

Here are some sites that may help you further

This is a flash animation to show how a shanty town can be improved (Rehabilitation)

Geography in the News Article – Looking at the process of urbanisation

Geography in the News Article – Looking at Rochina in Brazil’s Rio de Janeiro

Y11 Skills Paper Revision

Here is the powerpoint from todays lesson.  If you lose any sheets you can download them all from below.

Todays Worksheets



Some Web Sites to help you

For more advice with map symbol identification for go to the fantastic Geograph site.  Not only will it show you an example of the feature on an OS map but it will also show you a photographic example.  This is a fun and easy way to remember the symbols.  The links to each section are below.

Roads and Paths – Make sure you know the differences between motorways, A roads and B roads (also known as secondary roads)  Look at all the different types of juntions so you are familiar.

Land Heights and Rock Features – This shows the land height and contours as well as features such as cliffs and outcrops of rock.

Land Features – this is excellent as it covers all the features on the ground that have standard map symbols such as churches, windmills and beacons etc to name just a few.

For a pure return to year 7 you can have a play on mapzone – see the links bar

Y10 Green Revolution

This week we will be focusing on the Green Revolution

Here are a few video’s to get you started on your way.  It is up to you to come up with the sucesses and failures of the Green Revolution. 

The pro view of the Green Revolution

The anit Green Revolution view

Click here for more information on the Punjab and its Green and White revolution.

BBC Article Thais hold secrect to rice shortages (2008)

Y11 A message from the future

 Just something to make you think.  Do you think this is possible?

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