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Y11 GCSE Revision Urbanisation in LEDCs

Here is another examination question analysis for you to go through.  I know this is what we did for revision this evening but I have added a few extra slides.  We will look at MEDC’s Next lesson for revision.

Here are some sites that may help you further

This is a flash animation to show how a shanty town can be improved (Rehabilitation)

Geography in the News Article – Looking at the process of urbanisation

Geography in the News Article – Looking at Rochina in Brazil’s Rio de Janeiro


Y10 2012 Olympics developing a brownfield site

This week we have started to study the development of the  2012 Olympic site in Stratford.  We have focused on the issues of clearing a brownfield site and the impact on local residents.  As I teach a particular unit such as Earthquakes and Volcanoes there will often be an eruption or something in the news that week.  That is the joy of teaching a very current subject however I didn’t expect to see such evidence of the site clearance and impacts it had on London this week.  We managed to see the black cloud from the fire that broke out on the site this Monday from our window in the Geography room this week. 

Here are some other images from the fire

Some of you wanted to see the channel four report on how clearance of possible radioactive waste impacted on the local residents.

I will post some google earth files next week showing images and maps of the site to help you with this case study further. 

Year 10 GCSE Web Cam

Piccadilly Circus London – What is the function?

Above is a web cam.  If you refresh your browser you will be able to refresh the image.  This is a hint at what we will be studying this week.

Year 10 Introduction to Settlement

Today was the start of the Year 10 GCSE course as Year 9 have now become year 10 over the half term!   

Welcome to all who have started their GCSE Geography course today. The course you will be following is the AQA A syllabus click here to find out more about the syllabus This is a different syllabus to the one year 11 have been doing.  That was the Avery Hill Syllabus,   Good luck to all the Geographers who sat this exam today.

I have decided to post your first lesson on the main part of the blog. The pages in the GCSE section all have the vocab you need to know for each unit we will be studying. We will be starting with Settlement and this will take us up to the end of the term. I have added settlement vocab already but I will be adding definitions to this list in the future. Make sure you know all of your definitions.

This powerpoint will help you with some ideas for your homework and covers all the factors we covered in class today.

Homework: Finish the mind map showing factors of location for a site. Use all the information above to add to this map. Don’t forget to draw your pictures to help you use the above powerpoint to help you.

Y11 Rural Communities

 Appologies to all for not posting for a week but been busy with the usual coursework etc.  Year 11 have been studying the issues of building in the greenbelt and the pressure of finding affordable homes in rural areas.  What luck then that the guardian has published this week a whole section on this issue.  Perfect for year 11to read and revise at the same time for a little end of unit test! (er-hm I mean GCSE Exam!)

Either buy your copy of the Guardian today or you can view the articles here.

 The Countryside’s changing face about how the countryside is being lost to development.

A sustainable future – introduction to the issues in rural areas

Price boom spells disaster for low-paid about the sharp increase in the cost of housing in rural areas

How to make the countryside sustainable– efforts to make rural living more environmentaly friendly (issues re the car and public transport)

The search for creative solutions – how to stop the decline of populations and services in rural areas.

Return to sender – the closure of local post offices, how will this affect local communities?

A voice of support – should we change our nostalgic views about the countryside and try and come up with a more modern approach to the problems in rural areas?

Why rural living has never been more popular – It is normally the old that retire to the countryside, why are the young now donning wellies and moving out of the urban areas?

If you are feeling brave you can even leave your own comments about what you think the most important issues are in the rural countryside at this site.

Y11 Should the Cardiff Bay Barrage have been built

Today we have started looking at the Cardiff Bay Barrage and deciding if it should have been built.  You can now download the power point to go through the arguments for and against the barrage. 

Here are some web sites to help you find out more information

Get a 360 degree panorama of Cardiff Bay

Visit the Cardiff Bay Harbour Authority for information about the harbour past and present.

The official Cardiff Bay web site

A Guardian article criticising the Barrage – Dam Nuisance

Y11 Favela Rising

This was shown on TV recently and will help you with your current unit.  Next lesson we will be working on a decision making exercise based in the favela.

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