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How to set up your blog

This is the presentation how to set up your own blog using wordpress.  You can go to slideshare and also download the full version.


Searching the web more effectively

How many times have I asked you all to do some research and I end up with the same Google searched article 30 times over.  Well not any more.  You can now search the web in a deeper way to gain more knowledge and improve your research skills. Thanks to Ollie Bray who has done some research into students using search engines. This allows you to search using a mind map and drag in things that you think are relevant to your initial search.  It is a very clever search engine and will vastly improve all your research skills. is a search engine that penetrates the deeper web.  Google searches over eight billion web pages but the real web is said to be 500 times bigger than this.  Try this search engine to improve your search results. this is a site that allows you to keep all your bookmarks together and access them from any where on any computer.  This is handy as lots of you will use computers at home and at school and also at friends house.  It also allows you to customise your page and put anything from flickr photos on to youtube video’s.  It makes the internet more personal to you.

You will probably notice that I have put a bloglines subscription in the side bar.  If you click on this you can sign up to use blog lines for free which means you can keep track of any blogs that update without having to visit them.  This is known as RSS feeds and is the new way of keeping up to date with what has been posted on your favourite sites.

I will show some of these features in class in the next few weeks to help you with your homework tasks.

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