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Y7 Virtual Water

Today Year 7 have been working out how much water they actually use.  Below is the power point we used in lesson today.

Here is the homework sheet that goes with the power point.  Click on the link to download



Y7 Grand Designs

After last weeks lessons looking at how Dubai is changing I thought we might have a go at building our own sustainable city.  After we have designed them we will use a programme called sketch up to make the buildings and put them into google earth.  So I have got Kevin scouting around for a suitable location while you wait until next weeks geography lesson here are some ideas about building sustainably to get you started.

My Sustainable House – this is an interactive web site to get you started with the ideas about building sustainably

BBC ArticleGovernment unveils plans for new ecotowns

Just to get you thinking on a grander scale here is a video of a design for a rotating tower block click on the links for more information about how the tower generates its own electricity.

More information about how this design works   I wonder how the people who live in these pods will feel about being spun round all day?

Also this is for my form who wanted to know more about the Burj, the tallest building in Dubai.  This is what it will look like when it is finished.  Below is the link to the web site we looked at in class

Burj official web site

Y7 World Without Humans

A philosophical start to this section of the Geography Course.  What would a world without humans look like?.  Watch this and find out more by reading the Scientific America article

HOMEWORK THIS WEEK is to think about where you live and what would happen to it in a month, a year, 10 years, 100 years and 1000 years time. Write your answers into your exercise book.  You can include photos of your area and annotate to show what may change. (if you have photoshop or any other photo editing software you may want to show the effects of these changes – don’t worry if you can’t do this)

Scientific American Article can be viewed here

Y7 3D Excel Islands

Well done to all the year 7 students who have completed their own 3D islands.  Students had to draw their own 2D island showing all the contour lines and convert them to 3D islands using Excell.  Here are a few examples of some of their creations. Click on each thumnail for a clearer image.


Georgina’s Island


Jacquelines island


Daisy’s Island


Joanna’s Island


Molly’s Island


Amy’s Island

Y7 Free OS Maps given to all


Today all of year 7 have recieved their new OS Explorer Maps for the Greenwich and Gravesend along with a map reading made easy peasy guide.  Thanks Ordnance Survey!

This weeks homework for all is to explore your explorer maps.  Have a good look at them and find your house and school and give six figure grid references for both.  If your house isn’t on then give a six figure grid reference for a place you have visited.  You may want to spread your map on the floor at home to have a good look at the whole area. 

Remember the secret of folding an OS map and remember to think about your scale.  The explorer maps have a scale of 1:25,000 which means that for every 1 cm on the map it represents 25,000 cm in real life or 250 m.  We will be using these maps lots in class over next term. Click on the image above to get a digital map.

 Don’t forget to visit MAPZONE the OS site for students to learn how to work out six figure grid references, map symbols, scale and directions.

Year 7 Mercator Vs Peters

This weeks homework is to complete the online activity for Mercator Vs Peters projection.  You will need to write your answers down on the sheet provided by your teacher in lessons.

Click here to go to the online lesson and make sure you click on the talk show tab.

Flood June 2007

The week the UK has suffered floods that are expected to cost insurance companies over £1 billion.  Many people have been evacuated from their homes and yet still there is more rain expected. 

But why have we had so much rain in June?  

The reason for this excess of rain is that the polar jet which steers our weather system is stuck further south than is usual for this time of year, so we are more open to low pressures.  Last week we saw intense thunderstorms, and on Monday a low-pressure weather front sat above the same parts of the country. As a result, a month’s worth of rain fell in 24 hours in some parts of the country.


Ulley Reservoir Environmental Agency flood potential map

 This map is from the environmental agency and shows the potential flood risk for the Ulley reservoir.  This week engineers have been battling to stop this reservoir from bursting its banks.  This has been successful however the pumped out water has resulted in other areas being flooded and many people have had to be evacuated.  Click on the google earth link below to open this map in google earth.

google_earth_link.gif click to open up a google earth file which will automatically download placemarks with flooding photos and overlay of flood zones from the environmental agency for the South Yorkshire area.

Some more links to video’s from Look North.

Look North Special on the floods

Bentley residents rescued

Heavy Rain Predicted this weekend

The Met office has issued a severe weather warning for the weekend of  23rd and 24th of July.

This is the latest weather warnings (these update automatically each day)


Click here for the latest satellite image of the UK

This is a powerpoint of the effects from Andy Pinks a geography teacher in Cambridge.  Thanks Andy.

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