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Y7 Grand Designs

After last weeks lessons looking at how Dubai is changing I thought we might have a go at building our own sustainable city.  After we have designed them we will use a programme called sketch up to make the buildings and put them into google earth.  So I have got Kevin scouting around for a suitable location while you wait until next weeks geography lesson here are some ideas about building sustainably to get you started.

My Sustainable House – this is an interactive web site to get you started with the ideas about building sustainably

BBC ArticleGovernment unveils plans for new ecotowns

Just to get you thinking on a grander scale here is a video of a design for a rotating tower block click on the links for more information about how the tower generates its own electricity.

More information about how this design works   I wonder how the people who live in these pods will feel about being spun round all day?

Also this is for my form who wanted to know more about the Burj, the tallest building in Dubai.  This is what it will look like when it is finished.  Below is the link to the web site we looked at in class

Burj official web site


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