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Y7 3D Excel Islands

Well done to all the year 7 students who have completed their own 3D islands.  Students had to draw their own 2D island showing all the contour lines and convert them to 3D islands using Excell.  Here are a few examples of some of their creations. Click on each thumnail for a clearer image.


Georgina’s Island


Jacquelines island


Daisy’s Island


Joanna’s Island


Molly’s Island


Amy’s Island


Y7 Free OS Maps given to all


Today all of year 7 have recieved their new OS Explorer Maps for the Greenwich and Gravesend along with a map reading made easy peasy guide.  Thanks Ordnance Survey!

This weeks homework for all is to explore your explorer maps.  Have a good look at them and find your house and school and give six figure grid references for both.  If your house isn’t on then give a six figure grid reference for a place you have visited.  You may want to spread your map on the floor at home to have a good look at the whole area. 

Remember the secret of folding an OS map and remember to think about your scale.  The explorer maps have a scale of 1:25,000 which means that for every 1 cm on the map it represents 25,000 cm in real life or 250 m.  We will be using these maps lots in class over next term. Click on the image above to get a digital map.

 Don’t forget to visit MAPZONE the OS site for students to learn how to work out six figure grid references, map symbols, scale and directions.

Year 7 Mercator Vs Peters

This weeks homework is to complete the online activity for Mercator Vs Peters projection.  You will need to write your answers down on the sheet provided by your teacher in lessons.

Click here to go to the online lesson and make sure you click on the talk show tab.

Google Earth Activity:Map Skills Revision


  Click on this Google Earth file to download a map of Walshaw Dean Reservoir and some map tacks that will ask you questions.  You must have Google Earth installed on your computer. 

In order to answer the questions right click on each one and then go to properties.  You can then write in the answer and save the file and send it to me via the shared network.  This is to help you revise your six figure grid references, contours, direction and measuring distance.

Y7 Where the Hell is Matt?

Watch the video below and then find all the places from the worksheet and locate them using Google Earth.  You will need to put map pins into and write a description of the place Matt visited.  Watch the video carefully to describe the places.  If you have any other knowledge of any of these places then include this in your description also. 

When all the places have been located using the map pins then draw on the route and measure the distance that Matt travelled.  Remember the order on the worksheet and the video is not necessarily the order he visited the sites so think about a logical route that would be the quickest and cost the least amount of money.

 Click here to download the worksheet to go with this lesson.

  Click here to download the google earth files showing Matt’s journey.  It should ask you to open it or save it.  Just save it to your computer and then open it.  If you have google earth installed it should open automatically.

This has been adapted from an idea that was originally from Richard Allaway’s brilliant site geography all the way.  Thanks Richard (See blogroll)

Y7 Geographical Superlatives

For homework this week year 7 were asked to make a geographical superlative.  If you don’t know what a superlative is then ask a year 7 they all know.  Some of the best have been show cased below.  These photos can be viewed on flickr.

The highest mountain in the world was made by Victoria in 7U

Mount Everst by Victoria

The largest mountains on all continents was made by Hannah in 7S.  This is very clever as all the mountains were made to scale, which is something we are looking at the moment in class.

Hannah's amazing mountains of scale

 Eva in 7U has made the largest mountain in the UK

Katumu's Ben Nevis in Scotland

Andreia in 7U has made the most dramatic erosional coastal features which are caves arches and stacks. 

Rhia in 7S has made the largest volcano in the world

Henrietta in 7S has shown the country with the largest population in the world.

Alexis in 7U has made the largest rainforest in the world

There were many others from year 7 however I don’t have room to show them all.  Go to the flickr site on the side menu to view more photos.

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