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Y7 World Without Humans

A philosophical start to this section of the Geography Course.  What would a world without humans look like?.  Watch this and find out more by reading the Scientific America article

HOMEWORK THIS WEEK is to think about where you live and what would happen to it in a month, a year, 10 years, 100 years and 1000 years time. Write your answers into your exercise book.  You can include photos of your area and annotate to show what may change. (if you have photoshop or any other photo editing software you may want to show the effects of these changes – don’t worry if you can’t do this)

Scientific American Article can be viewed here


Y11 Rural Communities

 Appologies to all for not posting for a week but been busy with the usual coursework etc.  Year 11 have been studying the issues of building in the greenbelt and the pressure of finding affordable homes in rural areas.  What luck then that the guardian has published this week a whole section on this issue.  Perfect for year 11to read and revise at the same time for a little end of unit test! (er-hm I mean GCSE Exam!)

Either buy your copy of the Guardian today or you can view the articles here.

 The Countryside’s changing face about how the countryside is being lost to development.

A sustainable future – introduction to the issues in rural areas

Price boom spells disaster for low-paid about the sharp increase in the cost of housing in rural areas

How to make the countryside sustainable– efforts to make rural living more environmentaly friendly (issues re the car and public transport)

The search for creative solutions – how to stop the decline of populations and services in rural areas.

Return to sender – the closure of local post offices, how will this affect local communities?

A voice of support – should we change our nostalgic views about the countryside and try and come up with a more modern approach to the problems in rural areas?

Why rural living has never been more popular – It is normally the old that retire to the countryside, why are the young now donning wellies and moving out of the urban areas?

If you are feeling brave you can even leave your own comments about what you think the most important issues are in the rural countryside at this site.

Year 7 Urban Model Peer Assessment with Court Fields School

Over the last few weeks the whole of year 7 have been involved in making an urban model to show land use in a city.  Year 7 at Court Fields School have also been busy making the same models.  So we have decided to do a little peer assessment.  This is a smallmovie clip made by St Ursula’s students commenting on Court Fields Models.  All their comments are their own thoughts. We would like to say thank you to the students of Court Fields school in Taunton and Noel Jenkins their teacher for allowing us to assess their work.

Here is the video from Court Fields talking about our models

Link to courtfields urban model posting

This is the write up of the project at Noel Jenkins Digital Geography site

Year 7 Urban Models

Here are a selection of some of the models produced by year 7 for their Urban Model Making Homework.  There were some fantastic entries but we have chosen six of the best to showcase here.  We will also be looking at some models that year 7 students at Court Fields School in Somerset have made you can view these  Court Field Student Models here


This model uses different colour houses from Monopoly to show the different type of land use and also some 3D models for the CBD. Trees in the outer suburbs show again that there are more parks and as you can see the inner suburbs (yellow houses) have gardens where as the terraced houses don’t.


This model uses photographs of the different types of land use you would expect to find here.


Again photographs show the different types of Land Use and flags highlight the different zones.  This model also has the unique facility of the zones being able to spin around!


This model uses 3D buildings and photographs to show the land use.  They have shown how in the CBD we are likely to find high rise buildings due to the cost of the land it is cheaper to build upwards.


This uses photographs to show the different heights and types of buildings in a panorama form.  This looks like the sky line outside our window and you can even see Tower Bridge!


This not only shows the different zones but also the transect of a city.  You can see the factory at the back which didn’t fit in with this particular transect.

 All very different models in technique, well done year 7 and to those of you who were not featured in this post.

Y7 The Greenwich Peninsula

Today we are starting our unit on the Greenwich Peninsula development and then extending into the Thames Gateway.  This unit of work is part of our settlement unit and focuses on development in the local area.  In order to get you started go and visit the official Greenwich peninsula site by clicking on the picture below.

This site will give you the most current up to date information for the Peninsula plans.



The dome has become the O2 and will host a wide variety of entertainments.  You can book now for the coming Justin Timberlake or Scissor Sisters.  If you have a large bank balance you can hire your own corporate box which comes with fantastic seats and your very own bar and entertainment suite.  If you have that kind of money see me and I will help you spend it!

More will be added to this post soon

Y7 Landuse Models

This week you are studying urban land use models and your homework challenge is to make your own 3D model of a city or town.  Here are some examples Noel Jenkins took of his students work at Court Fields.  I have made the examples into a short movie to give you some inspiration.  This needs to be handed in next week.  Look carefully at the urban land use model and make sure you have included all the different types of land use. Remember we are using the Hoyt Model.

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