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Y9 Blood Sweat and T-Shirts

On BBC3 at the moment on a Tuesday evening there has been a documentary highlighting the issues of working in sweat shops. Six young people have been sent from the UK to Delhi in India to work in the textile industry.  The first programme followed the six as they trained as sewing machine operators in one of the best factories in Delhi however some of them were not up to scratch and soon were taken off sewing to ironing and some of them even failed in this task and were put onto button fastening duty.  At the end of the day they were paid.  Watch the video below to see what they could buy with a days pay.

The second programme followed the six to a factory that was of a different calibre.  This was an actual sweat shop where people worked for up to 15 hours a day and slept under their machines in order to get the work done.  This clip shows what the working conditions are like.


The UK workers have to make six garments each over two days, the real factory workers have to make around 20 each per day.  The Brits soon get down to work but are starting to question what it is like for the people who have to do this for real. Below is an interview with one Georgina one of the UK workers questions the factory owner about his factory.

One of the UK workers just couldn’t get it into his head that some people couldn’t get out of the cycle of poverty they were in.  His opinion is that if any one works hard they can get out of the situation they are in and better themselves.  He is now slowly beginning to realise that this might not be the case when he questions one of the machinists.

To find out more about this documentary visit BBC3s web site here this has some good advice about where to buy ethical clothing from and other facts to help you with your sweat shop task.


Y9 Bar Code Yourself

This is an idea I have picked up from Tony Cassidy & Little Miss Sunshine of Geotastic so thanks a lot to them both.  I thought it was about time you become more interactive with the blog so this week your homework will be posted to the site.

  1. Click on the image above to go to the web site 

  2. Click on the Bar Code and Bar Code yourself for you living in the UK

  3. Next scan yourself and make a note of your worth

  4. Now try some variations for different countries e.g. different weight, gender etc.  Make a note of your worth after you have scanned yourself.

  5. State what your bar code worth was for the UK and for the other country you have chosen.  Write a few sentences to explain why your bar code worth may be different to your original UK value.

  6. Leave a comment on the blog by clicking on the comment symbol above.  The comment will be moderated by myself before it appears on the blog. (State your first name and the first initial of your surname)

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