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Y9 Bar Code Yourself

This is an idea I have picked up from Tony Cassidy & Little Miss Sunshine of Geotastic so thanks a lot to them both.  I thought it was about time you become more interactive with the blog so this week your homework will be posted to the site.

  1. Click on the image above to go to the web site 

  2. Click on the Bar Code and Bar Code yourself for you living in the UK

  3. Next scan yourself and make a note of your worth

  4. Now try some variations for different countries e.g. different weight, gender etc.  Make a note of your worth after you have scanned yourself.

  5. State what your bar code worth was for the UK and for the other country you have chosen.  Write a few sentences to explain why your bar code worth may be different to your original UK value.

  6. Leave a comment on the blog by clicking on the comment symbol above.  The comment will be moderated by myself before it appears on the blog. (State your first name and the first initial of your surname)


Y9 Virtual Earthquakes Exercise

Today you have started your computer simulation activity to work out the epicentre of your earthquake.  You must now take your test and remember you must enter our class code which you have written in your journals today.  Don’t forget to give every one in your groups name.

Click here to take the test

If you get a low score remember you can take it again.  Some of your browsers may block the pop ups so remember to click the ctrl key.  Good Luck

Y9 Natural History Museum Visit

At last you can finally see year 9 having a Megasaurus kind of day at the Natural History Museum.  This was part of their unit on earthquakes and volcanoes.  Y9 got the chance to experience the Kobe earthquake quake (no one was injured)

Where are the plate boundaries?

I wonder is this the Volcanic Bomb?

In the words of Leo Sayer Im going to make you a staaaaaar.  Well actually Im going to show you how the world is made.

Y9 Comparing two earthquakes

Year 9 have been comparing two earthquakes this week focusing on Bam and San Francisco.  Remember you were to complete the venn diagram for homework and hand in next lesson.  To help you I have uploaded the video I made onto you tube and you can play it here.

The link for the newspaper article is here

A brilliant account with lots of links from Geobytes

Pick Up A Penguin Or Just Watch One.

Lots of people in the geography community are talking about penguins this week so I thought I would look for myself. On the island of South Georgia they have set up a web cam that updates every three minutes. The first time I went the penguins must have gone off somewhere for lunch but this morning they are back. Click the refresh button to see what they are doing now the image updates every three minutes or click the image to go directly to the web site.

click here to see what they are doing now

“This webcam is situated in Larsen House at King Edward Point. The view is south east across Cumberland Bay East to the Greene Peninsula and the mountains beyond. Dartmouth Point is in the middle ground and Susa Point in the foreground. The steps on the right lead into Larsen House. Tussac grass is growing immediately in front of the steps. From October to March elephant seals, penguins and fur seals will be on the beach in front of the web cam.” extract from the web site

Y9 Montserrat

Year 9 have recently taken part in an activity called Operation Montserrat.  Students took part in a role play activity to evacuate people from Montserrat.  This was based on the 1995 eruption but today the volcano still errupts.  At the time of writing the area was on Alert 4.  The picture below was taken of small pyroclastic flows which occured on the 3rd of January.  Click here to find out what Alert 4 means

 click to go to the MVO site

 The MVO (Montserrat Volcano Observatory) has also published a new hazard map for this current erruption.  Year 9 have experience of producing such maps.  More links for Montserrat can be found under the year 9 page above under volcanoes and earthquakes.

Risk map for January 2007

Y9 Visit to Natural History Museum

At last it is time for our annual Y9 trip to the Earth’s Sciences Gallery at the Natural History Museum.  Don’t forget to bring your packed luches and travel cards, oh and plenty of extra food for Ms Richard, Ms Mort and Mrs Wallis (We like most types of chocolate!)  Here is a link to give you a preview of what you might see tomorrow.  Visit the Natural History Museum by clicking on the image below.  Tomorrow there may be some pictures of year 9 in an earthquake!

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