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Pick Up A Penguin Or Just Watch One.

Lots of people in the geography community are talking about penguins this week so I thought I would look for myself. On the island of South Georgia they have set up a web cam that updates every three minutes. The first time I went the penguins must have gone off somewhere for lunch but this morning they are back. Click the refresh button to see what they are doing now the image updates every three minutes or click the image to go directly to the web site.

click here to see what they are doing now

“This webcam is situated in Larsen House at King Edward Point. The view is south east across Cumberland Bay East to the Greene Peninsula and the mountains beyond. Dartmouth Point is in the middle ground and Susa Point in the foreground. The steps on the right lead into Larsen House. Tussac grass is growing immediately in front of the steps. From October to March elephant seals, penguins and fur seals will be on the beach in front of the web cam.” extract from the web site


Tornado hits North West London

Today at around 11 am a Tornado struck in North West London. Six people were taken to hospital as winds of 66mph travelled across North London.  Tornado’s have been very rare in the UK but over the last 18 months many have occurred in the UK prompting warning that there will be more freak weather events in the future due to global warming.

House in Kensal Rise North London

Find out more about tornadoes from the met office here

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