Below is a list of all the Key words you are expected to know for this unit.  Next to the words is their meaning.  Some have links to wikipedia definitions.

Plan a map of a small area (such as a school, or room) drawn to scale

Scale the ratio of the distance on a map to the real size

Ariel photo a photo taken from the air

Grid lines the lines which are drawn on a map to help work out location

Grid reference used to help determin the location on a map they are made up by the numbers along the bottom and numbers along the side.  Always read the bottom numbers first and then the side numbers.  (Along the corridor and up the stairs)

Six figure grid reference allows you to give the exact position on a map

Ordnance Survey Map (OS Map) are maps which are very detailed and drawn to scale for the whole of the United Kingdom.

Contour line a line on a map joining places that are the same height above sea level.  This is represented as brown lines on an o.s map.

Latitude how many degrees a place is north or south of the equator

Longitude how many degrees a place is east or west of the prime maridian

Prime maridian is the line of 0 degrees longitude that passes through Greenwich in London


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