Below is a list of key words and definitions for this unit.  Some of the key words have links to further definitions at wikipedia.

Brownfield Site: a site that was built on before, but can be redeveloped.  It often needs to be decontaminated before use which can cost money.

CBD (Central Business District): the area at the centre of a town or city with the main shops and offices.

Derelict: run down and abandoned.

Developers: companies that buy land and put up buildings for rent or sale.

Dispersed Settlement: the buildings of the settlement are all spread out.

Dwelling: a building to live in (like a house or flat).

Exploit: make use of someone or something for profit.

Greenbelt: an imaginary zone put around some cities to stop urban development and further expansion of the city.

Greenfield Site: a site which has not been built on before – these are often in rural areas such as farmland.

Industrial Revolution: the period of history (around 18th century) when many new machines were invented and many factories built.

Industrial Area: an area that predominantly has industry as its main land use

Infrastructure: the basic services in a country.  Such as roads, railways, water supply, telephone system. 

Inner City:  the area within the city or town which borders the CBD.  This area has high density housing mostly terraced which have now sometimes been replaced by high rise flats, small corner shops.  This area is also called the transition zone.

Inner Suburbs:an area of the city which has larger housing usually with gardens and some parks.  Roads are wide and there will usually be garages.  Houses tend to be semi detached or detached and will have been built in the 1920’s and 1950’s.  This area is found in between the inner city and the outer suburbs

International: to do with more than one country

Land Use: what the land is used for e.g. housing, industry, shops etc.

Linear Settlement: the buildings of the settlement are located along a road

Local: to do with the area around you

Migrant: a person who moves to another part of the country of another country often just to work for a while.

National: to do with the whole country (for example the nation)

New Industrial Area: an area within the city where business parks and light industry is found mostly built before 1970’s.  It is found on the edge of a town or city and is close to main roads.

Nucleated Settlement: the buildings in the settlement all form a cluster

Old Industrial Area: an area within the city where many old factories are found which are often now closed.  This area tends to be located along canals or rivers and be near the inner city.  The area may look run down.

Outer Suburbs: the area in a city which is found on the edges (periphery) of the city containing new modern housing and new shopping centres.  There will be many parks and open areas.  Houses will have garages and be well planned.

Peninsula: a piece of land that is almost surrounded by water

Redevelop: to rebuild an area for a new use

Residential Area: an area which is mainly homes (rather than shops or offices)

Rural Area: countryside, where people live on farms, hamlets and small villages.

Settlement: a place where people live; it could be a hamlet, village, town or city.

Settlement Hierarchy: settlements in order of size, with the largest one first

Settler: a person who takes over land to live on, where no one has lived before

Site: the land a settlement is built on

Situation: the position of a settlement in relation to features such as rivers, hills and other settlements

Sustainable: can be carried on without doing any harm

Terraced housing:housing that is found in the inner city and in straight rows of small housing with no front gardens. Very small gardens or back yards often close to old factories.  These houses originally built to house factory workers and will be close to canals and railway lines. Examples you will have seen are the types of houses on Coronation Street

Urban Area: a built up area, such as a town or city

Urbanisation: the process by which rural areas become urban

Urban Model: The simplified pattern of urban land use for a particular kind of city

Vale: a very broad open valley


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