This section gives the course outline for this module

This term year 9 will be studying earthquakes and volcanoes and all the information you could possibly want with downloads is found on this section of the web page. Each week I will post your homework and links to help you with research. This unit is expected to take a whole term and will end at Christmas. There will be quite a lot of ICT work and a trip to the Natural History Museum’s Earth’s Sciences Galery will be included in this unit.

The unit will answer the following questions

What is a disaster?
What is an Earthquake?
What is a Volcano?
Where do earthquakes and volcanoes occur?
What is the structure of the earth?
What happens at plate boundaries?
How do we measure and locate earthquakes?
How do earthquakes differ between MEDC’s and LEDC’s
How can we reduce the impact of earthquakes?
How can we plan an earthquake proof San Francisco using GIS?
How do people respond to volcanoes?
How do people live with volcanoes?
How can we manage natural hazards on a global scale (Using the Tsunami as a case study)

You will be assessed in the following ways

  • Homework (Each week your work will be awarded a grade from A+ to C and you will recieve a target)
  • One online simulation activity to locate an earthquake which will be computer assessed (Numeric Score)
  • A Peer assessment on the location of a hospital in San Francisco (Resulting in a National Curriculum level)
  • A peer assessment on the location of placemarks for a newly planned restructured Monserrat (A+ to C)
  • Pupil assessed & teacher assessed essay based on the Tsunami (Resulting in a National Curriculum Level)


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