What is a disaster
In order to find out about current events around the world you can go to many news web sites. Some of the best sites for archived and breaking news are as follows
BBC News
The Guardian
The Natural Hazards Centre offers lots of information about different types of hazards and up to date information about what is happening around the world
Alert Map site locates all the disasters in real time on a map
USGS (United States Geological Survey) has lots of information on hazards

What is an earthquake?
These web sites give general information about earthquakes
The Kobe Earthquake information about the earthquake and how the authorities managed the hazard
BBC archived information about the Kobe Earthquake also a movie can be viewed if you have real player
Fema which stands for Federal Emergency Management Agency has information on all disasters in the US
Fema for Kids also has info about earthquakes which is very easy to understand

What is a Volcano?
The best site and one of the longest running for info on volcanoes is Volcano World
The transcripts from a Horizon programme about how volcanoes can be predicted Volcano Hell
Stromboli Online A Virtual Field Trip to many Volcanoes around the world
Volcano Live lets you link to live web cams of currently errupting volcanoes

Plate Tectonics (Where do earthquakes and volcanoes happen and why)

Look at this video from Guinness. It shows evolution of life on earth in 50 seconds flat. Quite entertaining but the earths history stretches back a lot longer (4.6 billion years). This is a difficult number to understand but we can shrink it to a 24 hour clock to understand it better. Click here for an example.

How do we measure earthquakes and locate them?

Virtual courseware is a site that lets you take a course in working out the epicentre of a quake using real data. You will be taking this test in class, so it may be a good idea to practice here

How do we reduce the impact of earthquakes?
soil liquifaction web site explains the liquification of soil & how this will affect your planning
Make a quake on discovery channel web site an interactive activity to show how different structures survive in an earthquake

San Francisco Earthquake Case Study

Montserrat Volcano Case Study
Montserrat Volcano Observatory online (MVO)
Photographs from Adam Goss (Department of earth sciences, Cornell University)
360 degree Panorama of Montserrat
Montserrat information from Wikipedia
ZJB Radio Montserrat Live live streaming
Montserrat Newsletter
Article on redeveloping the island from DFID
BBC Scotland online activity to learn more about the causes and effects
CNN Report on evacuation of the island
Montserrat Government press release covering the events
MVO Chronology of eruptive events 1992-1997
Soufriere Hill report from Vocano World
Montserrat information CIA World factbook
Article on sustainable development of the island

Indian Ocean Tsunami Case Study


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